Plugins That Can Help You Create a Multi-Lingual WordPress Site

According to the official stats, after English, Mandarin (24.6%), Spanish (8.3%) and Japanese (5.2%) are the top languages browsed on the internet. These statistics prove that English is a quite popular language over the Internet, but if you want to target global audience and reach every corner of the world, then it is essential to have a multi-lingual portal.

WordPress is the most trusted and popular CMS in the world. It is a dynamic platform that allows you to convert PSD to WordPress so that you can create any website. Today, almost all the small and medium size enterprises have WP based portal. There are loads of reasons which added to the success of this superb CMS but out all those there is one feature that makes WP unique is its multi-lingual support.


It is not at all essential to create a WP based site in English. WordPress allows its users to add several different languages in their portal. If you already have a site and want to make it multilingual that you can Convert HTML to WordPress and can have the best looking site that will fully support all the major languages.

WordPress’s multi-lingual support will allow you to run the same site in different languages. To make your site’s content compatible with several languages, you can install multilingual support plugins on your WP powered website.

Given below are the few plugins which will make the translation process easier for your website:

qTranslate: This plugin contains a wide range of features that can translate any WordPress based website. The qTranslate plugin allows users to add new languages using a Simplistic Configuration page. Moreover, this plugin also helps in creating SEO friendly URL’s and also enhances the SEO of multilingual WordPress website.

The WordPress Multilingual Plugin: This is a must have plugin for a multilingual WP based site. This plugin supports over 40 different languages, and it is also capable of translating content using the Enhanced Translation Editor. The only drawback of this plugin is that you can’t add any new language in it.

Gtranslate: It’s a cross-platform plugin and supports various other CMS systems including WordPress. This plugin supports over 58 languages and has the ability for search engine indexing, making your multilingual WP site more search engine friendly. Gtranslate comes with both free and premium version, and the paid version of this plugin has a few additional benefits over the free one like the cloud-based Translation Delivery Network.

Polylang: This plugin allows you to write posts, pages and create categories in various languages. The only issue with this plugin is that it doesn’t have an automatic translation feature. Currently, this plugin supports 19 languages like French, German, Russian, Dutch, etc. It’s a free to use plugin and comes with a native language switcher widget accompanied with RSS feeds, menu items page categories, etc.

Best Plugin for Multilingual WordPress Site


In this dynamic and highly competitive market, it is essential to have a multilingual portal that will help you get in touch with diverse and geographically segregated clients and customers. With the support of WP plugins, you can easily make your site compatible with all the major languages.


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